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Casco Bay Generators and Heat Pumps

Keeping your home or business comfortable and operational all year long

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Generator & Heat Pumps Sales, Installations & Services

The team at Casco Bay Generators & Heat Pumps is proud to service Southern and Central Maine, providing top-quality generator and heat pump products installed by highly trained technicians. Whether you need a brand-new generator or new heat pump or are looking to service an older model, you can trust the skillful and knowledgeable team at Casco Bay Generators & Heat Pumps to help with all your generator and heat pump needs.

It’s important to have backup power for your home and business, as we are no strangers to harsh rain and winter storms near the Maine coastline. Storms can ravage the area, making a power outage likely. Trust Casco Bay Generators & Heat Pumps to ensure your family or business has the proper power during any storm.

A standby generator is one of the best investments that you can make for your home or business. The power will be on, and will stay on ensuring your heat, sump pump, and well pump continue to work throughout the storm. If you travel often, it will help your security equipment function properly to protect your home and valuables while you are away.

A Heat Pump installation will allow you to keep your home or business comfortably & cool or toasty warm! See what a heat pump can do to keep your home or business at the perfect temperature all year long.

Our Services

Residential Generators
Commercial Generators
Heat Pumps

Casco Bay Generators Heat Pump is a Certified Samsung, Mitsubishi, and Kohler Generator and Heat Pump Dealer

Casco Bay Generators & Heat Pumps is a certified dealer of Samsung, Mitsubishi and Kohler products. We provide and service the best equipment the industry has to offer. Our stand-by generators will keep your family safe and your business operational during a power outage. While Casco Bay’s Heat Pumps will keep your family and business comfortable all year. Below are just a few of the many reasons to consider having a backup generator for your home or business:


Your food is the first thing to go during a power outage.


Don’t lose your connection during a power outage.

Heat & AC

Keep your family comfortable with working heat & AC.


Keep your home lit during any storm or power outage.


Keep your sump pump working for fresh, warm water in the home.

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