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Commercial Generators from Casco Bay Generators

Keeping your business open and running is essential to maximize your profit-making abilities. Having the power go out without backup support can cost you and the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. A commercial standby generator keeps your power on and your business open during an outage. It’s installed outside your business and is about the size of an AC unit. It comes on automatically, whether you’re open or closed, and will protect all your equipment within seconds of a power outage.

Plus, commercial generators run on propane, natural gas, and diesel, giving you many options depending on your situation.

Commercial generator from Kohler

Commercial Generators to Power It All

Commercially sized generators will help protect all your valuable assets while keeping your doors open for business in any weather or storm. Our expert team will offer a free estimate for the perfect sized generator for your business. We also provide 24-hour emergency services. Call us any time to make sure that your business stays open and making money. Here are some of the items you will have protected:

HVAC Units

Maintain proper temperatures in the office or business space regardless of the season with your backup generator. Adequate temperature control will help keep your employees happy as well for better performance.

Industrial Sized Fridge/Freezer

In the service industry, your food is your money. Don’t lose thousands from a storm and protect your bread and butter.


Keep the lights on for a welcoming office or retail space for all to spend their money.

Security Systems

Commercial generators will keep your security systems running even if an outage happens after operating hours. Keep your office or restaurant safe.


All of your important files such as revenue reports, inventory numbers, and all employee information will be safe from power outages.

Gas Pumps

Keep your pumps consistently on while other convenience stores have suffered outages.

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