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Casco Bay Generators & Heat Pumps offers Free Assessments on Residential Generator Systems and Services

When it comes to preparing your home for the next storm, Casco Bay Generators & Heat Pumps has you covered with the generator to protect your family and home when experiencing power outages. We offer free assessments to make sure that you get the exact generator for your home and family to weather any storm. You can also come into our showroom, and a well-trained customer service representative will assist in getting you the right generator. Don’t let your family get left out in the cold this winter. Call Casco Bay Generators & Heat Pumps Today.

Residential generator from Kohler

Keep Your Family Comfortable During Outages

A standby generator powers more than the basics for your home during an outage. Beyond the obvious essentials of staying comfortable with a properly working heating and cooling system, your water will be hot, food will stay cold, and communication and entertainment mediums will be functional.

The generator will utilize your home’s natural or LP gas, eliminating the concern of refueling. We offer between 10 and 150 Kilowatts. We have a generator for every sized home.

24/7 Emergency Services Available

Contact Casco Bay Generators & Heat Pumps anytime Day or Night for Service on your Gas or Deisel-Powered Standby Generator.

30 Years of Local Experience