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Generator Services from Casco Bay & Heat Pumps Generators

Casco Bay Generators & Heat Pumps has ensured that all our service technicians have the industry’s most modern techniques for servicing generators in their tool belt. We have received training from Kohler, a reputable dealer, and have claimed the Titanium Level Dealer title by working with them to bring backup power to the Southern and Mid-Coast areas of Maine.

We decided to work with Kohler because of their amazing products and outstanding training they offer. Working with them has made our team more knowledgeable when it comes to repairing and servicing generators for homes and offices. Devices can be installed and serviced in residential and commercial areas. No job is too big or small for our expert service teams.

Residential generator from Kohler

Generator Repairs from Casco Bay Generators & Heat Pumps

While we specialize in Kohler generators, our team can handle all varieties of models and make sure that your power backup is working efficiently to power through all storms. Casco Bay Generators & Heat Pumps also offers emergency services should your generator go out in the middle of a storm. Call us right away for more information on how we can assist in getting power supplied to your home and office.

Think of your backup power generator like a car. It needs regular services to ensure that it will function properly when you need it most. Don’t let it go un-serviced throughout the years. Annual oil changes and filter replacements from the professionals at Casco Bay Generators & Heat Pumps will give you a sense of relaxation knowing that you can rely on your generator when the time comes.

Casco Bay Generators & Heat Pumps Offers the Best Generators Available

The sales team at Casco Bay Generators & Heat Pumps has over 30 years combined in the business and will assist in getting the perfect generator to fit the needs of your home. We will get you set up with a free evaluation either in our showroom or at your house.

We can assess your yard’s layout and find the perfect spot for your generator to be installed. Most generators are as big as an AC unit and don’t take up too much space. We will also assess the size of your home to make sure that your new generator will give the correct amount of power to keep your home and office running properly during an outage.

30 Years of Local Experience