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Professional Installation

Installing your new backup power generator should be handled by the professionals at Casco Bay Generators and should not be treated as a DIY project for the weekend. Let us help by making sure that the generator is appropriately installed to ensure it works and doesn’t become a safety hazard. Making sure that you have the proper connections established for the generator will guarantee that it will work as intended and protect your space from all outages.

Portable generator from Kohler

Here are the steps we take to install your generator properly:

  1. Install an interlock switch in your existing electric panel
  2. Install a twistlock receptacle on the exterior of your house at a convenient location
  3. Provide instructions and a brief training on the proper operation of your new portable generator
  4. After connections are in place, your generator is ready to help protect your family or business

We coordinate all installations with licensed electricians and pipefitters for secure fits. Most installations will take a day or two to finish correctly.

30 Years of Local Experience